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the dolce manifesto:

the Pursuit of a well-traveled life

I believe that in sharing we enrich our ties to each other,

that home should bring us peace and organization is a gateway to that, 

in travel that stretches your perspectives,

that adventure begins first with curiousity,

that dolce — despite hardships and difficulties — is always worth seeking out.

I'm Diana -- the Dolce Mom

I was born and raised in Texas and it's been my lifelong dream to live in Europe. That dream became a mission after spending five years in England, first as a student and then as a young professional. The moment I stepped on that plane to study abroad at 19, not knowing a soul at my destination, I knew I was made for adventure. Traveling is a thrill, a discovery, a never-ending immersion in new experiences. There was a whole world to discover, so many things I didn't know, and I was determined to learn them. In case it wasn't already clear, I was hooked. 

In 2022, that dream came true when we moved our family to southern Italy in a town overlooking the sea near Naples. It was a pinch me moment realizing my young daughter's childhood would be one of new languages, unexpected places, a bevy of food that was fresh and local, and memories that would last a lifetime. 

I started the Dolce Mom to share our experiences living abroad as an American family and sprinkled with my life experiences, personal reflections, and of course -- ample travel.

But before you see all the beautiful travel photos and think this is just a "travel blog". you should know something about me first...

My life's mission is to seek out the beautiful, be surprised by the unexpected, and embrace "the dolce" in every bit of this wild life. 

Perhaps like you, finding "la dolce", particularly in motherhood, hasn't been easy. Not long after giving birth to our daughter, I faced a life threatening illness. I was taken completely by surprise and shaken to my core. Finding joy and sweetness in life again has been a journey, one that continues to this day.

Mindset is everything and "la dolce" isn't just a way to escape or sugar-coat what's happening around you. It's a way of living that embraces where you are and makes the most of what may be less-than-ideal circumstances. 

Just a few years later, we got the opportunity to move to Italy for my husband's job and now I find myself living out a lifelong dream and finding "la dolce" as we navigate new cultures, learn the language, and find our flow in this new place. 

La dolce is all around us to seek out and embrace. 

Sometimes it's as simple as recognizing that it's there even if you don't immediately feel it. It doesn't take away what's happening to you or around you, rather re-centers you to the good. 

If you stick around here, we're probably going to be bffs -- it's just my style.

If we were sitting for coffee for the first time, the real talk starts on the other side of "hi". My friends describe me as a combination of empathetic, energetic, and joyful. So while this is a blog and we are strangers for now, I hope that won't last too long. I'm here to listen and hold space as much as I am to chat about my experiences. 

Funny story, I once brought a man to tears in an English pub encouraging him to get in contact with his ex-wife. I love humans and I especially love connecting with them. Here I don't shy away from the deep, soul-stirring conversations. 


Need advice or want my perspective? 

Submit your questions or thoughts to Dear Dolce, my anonymous AMA column and I'll dive into them here and on social. 

A certified KonMari consultant and owner of RoomtoThriveATX

before moving to italy, I was

In Austin, Texas, I owned RoomtoThrive ATX which was a professional organizing service. Expect to see some of that influence here as I discuss ways to create a peaceful home through organization. 

Fast Facts Before We Become Fast Friends

24 (and lived in 3!)

Number of countries visited

In February I'll be travelling to Morocco which will be my 25th country visited. If you have recommendations, you can send me those here!

I couldn't possibly choose just one, but some of my favorites are...

favorite places in italy

Lake Como

Silk Sleep Mask

must-have travel accessory

A must to get sleep on long plane rides or train journeys. 


favorite italian word or phrase

Meaning princess in Italian. My daughter gets called this all the time by sweet Italians! 

I once wore a glamorous, four foot tall hat to Royal Ascot races in England!

One time in england...

Photos even ended up in the Daily Mail!

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