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the dolce manifesto:

the Pursuit of a well-traveled life

I believe that in sharing we enrich our ties to each other,

that home should bring us peace and organization is a gateway to that, 

in travel that stretches your perspectives,

that adventure begins first with curiousity,

that dolce — despite hardships and difficulties — is always worth seeking out.

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Transform your bathroom into a serene oasis with these expert decluttering tips. 

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Hi, I’m Diana — the Dolce Mom! 

In 2023 my husband took a job in southern Italy and we moved our family from Austin, Texas to Bacoli, Italy near Naples. I’m a professional home organizer by trade, but now spend my days immersing myself and our little one in Italian culture and travel. 

I believe a well-traveled life is as much about experiencing new things as it is a state of mind. I’m in a pursuit for the good life in all its forms. Here I share that pursuit and its innersection with real life. 

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