As a working mother, I knew I needed to find a qualified and caring nanny for my child. When it was time to start the search, I turned to Facebook. I knew that social media could be a great resource for finding quality child care, and I was right.

One of the keys to finding the right nanny through Facebook is to be clear in your requirements.

You need to state how many children, the age of the children, the length of time, and any special activities or requirements a nanny may need to do. For me, potty training was a big focus, so I made sure to mention that in my post. It’s also important to be clear about when you want to start, how many hours per week, and how many days per week.

In addition to these basic requirements, I also included information about our plans to travel to Europe. This wasn’t a requirement, but I wanted potential nannies to be aware of the possibility. I also mentioned any safety requirements, such as CPR certification, and offered to pay for any training or certifications needed.

To make sure everything was clear from the beginning, I recommend having a simple contract in place. This helps both sides know what their responsibilities are. For us, the contract covered payment, method of payment, and what would happen if we had to cancel. We also included basic rules, such as no alcohol while babysitting.

Once you’ve narrowed down your options, it’s important to meet with potential nannies in person. Take the time to ask them questions and listen carefully to their answers. I had a list of questions prepared and made sure to remain present and engaged during the interviews. I also asked for references and was thrilled when the references came back glowing.

When we hired our nanny, we were upfront about her rate and payment. We paid her with a check at first but later switched to Venmo. I also made it clear that open communication was the most important element to our relationship with her. We paid her up front for the first few weeks, as a gesture of goodwill. Throughout our relationship, we emphasized clear communication and making sure she felt valued.

One thing our nanny did that I highly recommend is to provide a daily sheet. She used to work in a daycare environment and was used to doing this. It’s a simple sheet that details the time of naps, meals, and activities, and it’s a great way to stay informed about your child’s day.

Overall, I had a great experience hiring a nanny through Facebook. I did my research, met with potential nannies, and trusted my gut. Our nanny was with us for two years, and we couldn’t be happier with her. We even took her to Croatia with us for two weeks, and it was an incredible experience.

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